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Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a magic wand you could wave to make bad things just disappear? Things you hate, things that cost you money… like bank charges… like taxes… like paying the deductible when you’ve had a car accident?


Trident Insurance is giving you that magic wand! With our Vanishing Deductible promotion, you watch your deductible reduce by $200 each year you drive claims free until it completely disappears*!



How it works?

Each year you drive accident free your deductible will be reduced at renewal by $200. If you take out a new motor insurance policy with us and have no previous claims you will also be able to benefit from the promotion and earn $200 off your deductible.


For example, if the standard deductible for your policy is $1,000 your deductible will decrease to $800 at inception of the policy once you meet the claims free requirement.


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